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Don Griffin has recorded and produced in some of the finest rooms in the country including Record Plant (Sausalito, CA), Chicago Recording Company (Chicago),  and Cotton Row (Memphis).  Don brings this experience plus 33 years of professional playing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music which includes classical and Jazz.  Don began his music career at 13 years old and was playing professionally at 14 years old.  He is a former Columbia Recording Artist, Full Moon Records Artist of Sydney Australia, and a voting member of NARAS – Grammy.  Don is a member of local 10-208.  

Don had a successful career with his own Band, The GRIFF Band, as well as the Hounds, Tyron Davis, Junior Wells, B.B. Odom, and a wide variety of Musicians.   During Don's solo music career, he played an average of 262 nights per year and was voted the Blues Rock Guitar Player for several years running by Real Blues Magazine.  

Don opened Studio VMR as an extension of music career allowing musicians of all ages and genres to have the Professional Recording Studio experience.

Don’s hugely successful career as a professional musician provides your project with the insight, not only of a Recording Engineer and Producer but as a fellow musician. 

Don Griffin

the value of a live studio experience is priceless

Don Griffin

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Over the years we have been refining our studio to help our clients realize the maximum potential of their project.  Today, we still believe in that pursuit.   We provide on-the-spot support for sessions to achieve the highest quality masters, reference discs or copies and mastering

Don Griffin Mastering & Mixing Studio specializes in the final creative adjustments that optimize recordings for maximum effectiveness before commercial release or demonstration use.  Everything created in our studio will have the highest quality sound.  Our mastering facility offers unmatched experience.  Our experience has given us a great deal of knowledge in every style of music.  Our equipment is modified to achieve the best possible sound for your recording.

From aggressive high powered clubs, hip hop and pop releases, conservative high quality audiophile products, and anything in between, our state-of-the-art mastering  is fully equipped with a wide variety of high quality equipment that help meet our clients needs. Call us today and let us show you the Don Griffin Mastering & Mixing difference!

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