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Professional Studio Specializing in Mixing and Mastering Music  in a Chicago Area Recording Studio

Great Sounding Live Room

Custom AMEK BIG 44

Also available are vintage amps including Marshalls, Fenders, Music Mans, and Ampegs

Recent clients include Studebaker John, DA Brat, Mark Brown, Jerome Haywood, Johnny Rogers, Rockin Billy, Gospel Chi-Lites, Dave Thompson, Oscar Coleman, Sonny Burgess, Locke, Hector Perez, Full Breach, Focus 4 Life, Mark Z and more.

Chicago Recording Studio

​​​​Recording Studio  Music Producer Mastering and Mixing Services

Mixing and Mastering Chicago

Don Griffin Mastering & Mixing Recording Studio Chicago Mastering and Mixing

WHAT IT TAKES to get a great sound

Don Griffin Mastering & Mixing specializes in Mixing, Remixing, Mastering, and Recording

The studio hosts diverse clientele  including, rock, rap, gospel, country, blues artists, and musicians of all ages.  

Studio VMR will mix or remix your sessions from other studios or your home studio providing the professional touch to your project.

Bring your project in for Professional Mastering of your mixes and Remastering older mixes.

We have experienced programmers that can make tracks for a variety of genres.

why studio vmr

Mixing and Remixing Mastering Music Recordings

Specializing in Audio Mixing, Remixing and Mastering to your satisfaction.  Experienced in all genres of music, including Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Spoken Word, Country, Classical and Folk.  Audio for video also mixed and sweetened. 

Don Griffin Master Switcher - Custom Designed

Don Griffin Mastering and Mixing features the one of a kind Don Griffin Master Switcher. The idea for the Master Switcher was conceived by Don out of his desire to hear different groups and sequences of hardware changed without any interruption during playback for very critical comparison within different hardware signal chains. Don contacted technician Bruce Brekenfeld to work on it and the results are outstanding. 

                    Film Credits: Shinemen on PBS

                        Si Se Puede: Heroes on PBS


Bring Your Recording to the PRofessional Level

OVER 48 years


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Don Griffin

Mastering and Mixing

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